Keith Fraser
Bay Area fishing pioneer and founding president of United Anglers – 2003

Keith Fraser is a world-renowned San Francisco Bay-area sportsman and author. Keith, known locally as “Lord of the Sea”, The “Sturgeon General of the Bay Area” is currently a co-owner of the Loch Lomond Live Bait in San Rafael, CA. He has been the featured speaker at the annual seminar, Sturgeon Fishing in Bay Area Waters, for over 40 years.

Mr. Fraser was featured in a short documentary, Christmas at the Bait Shop by award-winning filmmaker Judy Irving, about almost-tame sea birds that frequent the bait shop. Keith Fraser and his bird friends have appeared on Bay Area Back Roads, Evening Magazine, Tom Stienstra’s Great Outdoors, and Judy Irving’s short film, “Salt Pond Habitat Restoration”.

He is the founding president of United Anglers of California, inspired the first hatchery plants of striped bass and sturgeon in San Francisco Bay in California history, the crackdown on sturgeon snaggers, and by example, has inspired thousands to release sturgeon so they may grow to old age and giant sizes. The organization was spawned in Fraser’s living room.

He was a high school basketball and baseball coach for 40 years. He won 16 varsity baseball championships. He took an all-star baseball team to Beijing, China and went undefeated and was named China’s “Coach of the Year”.

Fraser has written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, mostly about sturgeon fishing. He is the author of “Keith Fraser’s Guide to Sturgeon Fishing”, currently in its 4th edition.