Doug Stoup
America’s leading explorer of the North Pole and South Pole – 2005

Doug Stoup is founder and expedition leader of Ice Axe Expeditions, which leads adventurers, skiers and riders to Antarctica, Morocco, Botswana, Amazon, Congo and Spitsbergen. Doug boasts many first descents, including the first ski and snowboard descent of the highest peak in Antarctica (Vinson Massif, 16,077 ft). Doug is the first American male to ski to the Geographic South Pole.

Having led 23 expeditions to Antarctica and 11 to the Arctic Ocean, Doug is today’s most traveled polar explorer.

In addition to his exploration accomplishments, Doug is a expedition leader, cinematographer, ski mountaineering guide, humanitarian, educator, father and “seven day adventurist.” As founder of the Ice Axe Foundation, Doug also aims to educate youth about this amazing planet on which we live. He has been featured internationally in television and film and pioneered streaming media from remote places on the planet.

Doug intends to continue pushing the edge by successfully leading, for the first time, two adaptive athletes to the most inhospitable place on the planet, the South Pole in January 2012.

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