Bob Coomber
America’s No. 1 wheelchair hiker, inspirational speaker – 2007

Coomber, 52, known as “Four Wheel Bob,” has become a Bay Area legend for hiking the region’s most rugged trails in a wheelchair. He gained national acclaim with his determination to become the first wheelchair hiker to ascend 14,000-foot White Mountain east of Bishop.

As an active youth, Coomber hiked, fished and aspired to become a police officer, but diabetes and debilitating osteoporosis ended that dream. At the age of 31, he was forced to use a wheelchair to get around. Coomber’s love of the outdoors propelled him out of a serious depression and enabled him to set and reach goals that many deemed impossible, inspiring many others — including those not in wheelchairs — to do the same. He first gained national attention when featured on “The Early Show” on CBS.

Memorable quote: “No more excuses.”