Steve Carson
California’s No. 1 saltwater angler and educator whose fishing knowledge and passions have inspired thousands of youngsters – 2010

Since the 1990s, Carson has been a director of “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs,” through which he has helped thousands of youngsters to have their first outdoors experience. For this he was singled out by Congress, which awarded him a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.” Carson has also directed the Penn Fishing University seminar program, where he mentors offshore saltwater anglers. He is ranked No. 3 in the world for most species of fish caught on rod-and-reel, was named as one of the top 30 anglers in the West by Western Outdoors magazine, and is renowned across the hemisphere as one of the leading offshore saltwater fishermen for tuna and other big-game species. Carson also is involved in many local media across the state to connect, inform and inspire the public, through writing, photography and seminars. He is also chairman of the Butte County Fish and Game Commission.