Jacqueline Douglas
Salmon Boat Skipper, Conservationist – 2013

There’s never been anyone like San Francisco’s Jacqueline Douglas to ever roam the ocean. Douglas is best known as the maverick skipper of the salmon boat Wacky Jacky out of Fisherman’s Wharf. But she is renown across America as a fighter for conservation, water issues, as well as advocate for salmon, wildlife and the beauty of the Bay Area coast. That was confirmed when Douglas received a record 40 of 41 votes to gain entry into the California Outdoors Hall of Fame.

Jacky Douglas has been California’s No. 1 goodwill advocate for salmon, fisheries conservation and water issues over a 50-year career. She is charismatic and accomplished, one of the most popular party boat captains in America, and has taken an estimated 150,000 people from all over the world fishing out the Golden Gate. She is the first 84-year-young professional female skipper on the Pacific Coast.

She has donated her time and boat to the San Francisco Police Youth Fishing Program, Golden Gate Fisherman’s Association, and KGO Leukemia Cure-A-Thon. Douglas is also an excellent naturalist, where she can find and describe seabirds, marine mammals and ocean anomalies to her customers.

To protect salmon and water resources, Douglas has represented the the Golden Gate Fisherman’s Association at state and federal hearings, and met with several members of Congress.

Douglas passed her Coast Guard examination in 1972 and purchased her first party boat and managed to find her way in a male-dominated profession. With a mastery of boating, safety and fishing, she won over the public, and in turn, her mates at the docks. Her work with newspapers, radio show hosts and TV broadcasts has brought the world of the outdoors into the homes of millions of Californians.