Larry Green

“Renowned award-winning author, educator, mentor, fresh and saltwater fishing expert, broadcast radio personality, supporter of conservation groups, Northern California’s “Fishing Ambassador”. – 2016

To thousands of California anglers, 4:55 a.m. Monday through Saturday was a special time.  That’s because for nearly 20 years the late Larry Green’s extremely popular “Fisherman’s Forecast” radio show was broadcast through KCBS 740-AM out of San Francisco.

The highly informative program covered fishing reports for much of California and southern Oregon.  If fish were biting anywhere along that 1,000 mile axis, Larry let you know exactly what was going on.  Anyone who ever heard that show can never forget its parting line: “That’s the ‘Fisherman’s Forecast’; I’m Larry Green.”

Larry’s passion for sharing the joy of fishing went beyond radio.  His angling knowledge was made available through numerous books, countless magazine articles in regional and national publications, as a mentor, and as an instructor where he taught introductory and advanced fishing classes for over 10  years at Skyline Community College in San Bruno.

And for close to 20 years Larry was Master of Ceremonies for the annual International Sportsmen’s Exposition in San Mateo where he introduced featured seminar speakers to their audiences, and served as a de facto “Ambassador of Fishing” as he patrolled the show’s aisles, conversing freely with exhibitors,  celebrities, and “Average Joe” show attendees alike.

A champion of fisheries conservation, Larry was a huge supporter of the efforts in establishing United Anglers of California.

Larry’s angling expertise was garnered from almost 50 years of fishing practically every mile of both fresh and saltwater environs in California, plus adventures in several US states.