Chris Korich is considered the greatest casting coach in the world. His life achievement came in 2016 when he mentored the youngest world champion gold medalist, Maxine McCormick, age 12, in the history of any sporting event. Korich has also won 12 gold medals for the U.S. in his career. Korich is the coach and face of the San Francisco and Oakland Casting Clubs, which has dominated casting competition in all phases in national and world competitions. He is sought out by casters from throughout the world, which overshadows his own abilities his own abilities as a national and world-class medalist in both accuracy and distance casting for over 40 years. In addition, behind the scenes, Korich has worked with numerous tackle designers and major manufacturers, testing and refining products for anglers worldwide. In the downhill ski industry, has developed and patented several innovations to optimize a skier’s stance and provide ski boot solutions for both racers and recreational skiers alike.“As a long-time family friend, I know that Chris shares with his father (a former baseball coach) a philosophy about coaching; that is: Enable your players/students to achieve their potential; experience with joy your God-given abilities; relish competition and test what you’ve got; and take loss gracefully, knowing that you have nor been diminished as a person.” –Fred Reicker, San Leandro