Dave Hurley

Dave Hurley, Stockton, is a lifelong northern California angler with deep roots in the California Delta.

His love of the Delta was enhanced by his close relationship with the late Jay Sorensen, founder of the California Striped Bass Association and member of the California Outdoors Hall of Fame.

A lifelong educator, he started the Young Anglers of Morada Middle School to provide opportunities for underserved youth in the outdoors. He has testified as an expert witness before the State Water Board on Delta issues and has presented to the California Fish and Game Commission on numerous occasions. He is a strong advocate of catch-and-release of striped bass in excess of 10 pounds, and he additionally has written articles on the peril of excessive take of white sturgeon. Hurley has been writing stories on outdoor adventures for the past twenty years for a variety of publications including his own Hurley Chronicles, and he is a strong advocate for water issues as a board member of the California Sportfishing Protection Association, Water4Fish, and the California Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc.

As a native of Stockton, he covers his beloved California Delta along many other locations as northern California editor for Western Outdoor News. His great grandfather, Guiseppe Busalacchi was a commercial striped bass, salmon, and sturgeon fisherman in the Delta and a partner in the P. Busalacchi and Sons Fish Market in Stockton. He grew up at the right hand of his grandfather, Frank Busalacchi, who instilled the love of fishing, the outdoors, and the California Delta. In turn, Hurley is a master angler with world-class command of the 1,000-mile waterways of the Bay-Delta, and with additional travels across California and beyond.