Carole Latimer
Guide and wilderness outfitter – 2002

No other person in America has introduced more women to the outdoor experience than Latimer. As a guide, outfitter and owner of “Call of the Wild,” Latimer has taken more than 3,000 women camping, backpacking, hiking and kayaking, many for the first time.

In the process, she has summited Mount Whitney 23 times, including rock- climbing the east face, traversed most of the Sierra Nevada, and ventured across the hemisphere, including trips to Denali, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountains.

Latimer has pioneered a unique approach to camping for women by emphasizing self-reliance, gourmet food, sleeping comfort and staying clean, such as ways to bathe in a garbage bag. By teaching Leave No Trace, she has demonstrated the ethical use of wilderness for thousands of new- comers. In addition, her wilderness meal recipes have generated a cult-like following across America.

Latimer lives in Berkeley, where her business was based.

A personal glimpse: “Women blossom when they leave behind the expectations of their everyday lives, and meet the challenge of the outdoors with the support and enthusiasm of other women.”