Il Ling New
America’s No. 1 female firearms instructor and hunting guide – 2012

Il Ling New, born in San Francisco and a Yale graduate with an MBA, turned her back on a lucrative marketing career in favor of teaching people self-protection, how to handle firearms, and hunting. She is America’s No. 1 female firearms instructor, No. 1 female freelance guide, and has hunted across the hemisphere and to Africa numerous times, including for Cape buffalo, and trains hunters from across the hemisphere prior to world-class expeditions. She has hunted ducks in California since age 10. As an instructor, she has had a profound influence on people across America, and has even taught Marines, police, as well as housewives and hunters of all backgrounds. Her skills are world renown, with a handgun small enough to fit in her tiny palm, she can put 3 shots in a pie plate in 5 seconds, competed nationally for skeet titles, and is versed as an expert in all rifles. She is the best at what she does, but has also had a stunning influence to improve others skills from across America.