Ed Migale
Saltwater Angler, World-Traveled Hunter – 2013

Ed Migale is a pioneering saltwater angler, world-traveled expert hunter and supporter of youth hunting programs who has shared his expertise with thousands.Migale may be best known for developing light-tackle salt-water fishing techniques, where he helped invent and refine drift-fishing, including building new-style custom rods designed for salmon, halibut and rockfish. Thousands have attended his seminars.Lesser known is that Migale, as a hunter, completed the “Royal Slam” of turkey hunting, taking of all five subspecies of wild turkeys found in North America. He has hunted and fish throughout California, much of America and Canada, Mexico, along with Argentina and Africa.

Migale has served as a primary volunteer for conservation organizations, including the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, and the California Waterfowl Association. With California Waterfowl, he was a founding member on the Youth & Education Committee. When federal law first allowed for a special “Youth Hunting Day” in 1996, Ed arranged for dozens of youngsters to hunt at his duck club.

In addition to teaching through seminars, Ed has shared his expertise on fishing, hunting, and conservation in national and regional publications, and through Wilderness Unlimited.