John Koeberer
Outdoors Concessions Executive, Founder of FitKid – 2014

John Koeberer is best known as an innovator of public lands concessions from marinas, to cabins, to parks and lakes across California, including Angel Island State Park, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, San Pablo Reservoir, Lake Hemet, Lake Gregory, Lake San Antonio, Lake Camanche, Shasta Lake, Lake Naciamento and numerous other recreation destinations.

Recognizing that children were increasingly becoming disconnected from the outdoors, he created FitKid, a program that rewards children for recreating outdoors and making healthy choices, and Capture California, the first outdoor online social media game. Koeberer was also the first board chairman in America to appoint a 7-year-old child to the board of a national park foundation, so that the board might consider advice and counsel from a child about what kids expect parks to provide. He then led the effort to establish Volcano Adventure Camp at Lassen Volcanic National Park, an innovative youth group camp that takes at-risk kids camping in a national park.

Koeberer is an avid flyfisher of waters throughout California, Oregon, Montana and the Rocky Mountains, an accomplishes skier, runner and hiker. He is believed to be the only person alive to have hiked every trail at Lassen Volcanic National Park.