Dan Bacher is California’s foremost fisheries “watchdog” journalist; founding member of the California Inland Fisheries Foundation as well as Save The Delta; passionate angler with extensive adventures throughout North and Central America – 2015.

He holds them all accountable: politicians, government agency personnel, corporate agribusiness interests, and big oil companies; you name it and they’re all on his list when it comes to who or what is doing harm to California’s fisheries. Dan Bacher is an environmental journalist and for the past 30 years, an editor for the Fish Sniffer, a bi-weekly newspaper focusing on California, northern Nevada, and Oregon sportfishing and the fresh and saltwater fisheries that support it. While it may be his job to cover the issues, Bacher goes to work everyday with an unparalleled passion for seeing to the protection of our fisheries … and the tenacity of a bulldog once the layers of a story start to unfold. Included in the many issues he has covered are the disastrous Klamath fish kill in 2002; the battle by Indian tribes, anglers, and environmentalists against the peripheral tunnels; and fishery restoration efforts.

Not one to stop there, Bacher has worked long hours volunteering for state fisheries groups, some of which he either helped gain traction or co-founded outright such as California Inland Fisheries Foundation and Save The Delta. Bacher has also served on the board of directors for United Anglers of California, California Water Impact Network, and Water for Fish. In addition to extensive fishing time throughout California, Bacher has enjoyed adventures in Costa Rica where he caught tarpon, machaca, mojarra, and other species, and Baja California where he battled striped marlin, dorado, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, yellowtail, and various bottomfish.