Roger was born and raised in Gilroy, California. He fished in Monterey Bay for salmon, striped bass and albacore until summer of 1956 when he started to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area to go salmon fishing as a recreational customer on party boats. In the summer of 1963 Roger became a weekend deckhand and began studying for his USCG license. He became a licensed operator in August of 1968. He bought his first party boat in 1969. In 1978 he purchased his present boat, the 56’ SALTY LADY.

The SALTY LADY provided many more business opportunities because of size, speed, and passenger capacity. He was able to fish for salmon, rockcod, and albacore in season, and also became involved in other activities such as Nature Trips, which included whale watching (gray, blue and humpback whales) offshore and nature trips to the Farallon Islands. In addition, both 18-hour and 24-hour trips up to 100 miles offshore for exotic Pelagic birds.

Throughout the past 45 years, Roger has had the privilege of providing approximately 175,000 people the great opportunities provided by nature. Roger has been a member of GGFA since August, 1968, and a Board Member from 1970 thru 1973. He has served as President of GGFA from 1973 to present. In this capacity Roger has been an advocate for legislation and rules pertaining to conservation and fishing techniques. In 1983 Roger worked with the California legislature to develop gillnet regulations which provided for closures from Pt. Reyes to Pigeon Point out to 60 fathoms for small mesh sized gillnets, and from Pigeon Point to Pt. Sur out to 100 fathoms.

As a California Council member, Roger worked in the Council process with commercial representatives and developed the barbless hook regulation for all salmon fishing. Roger has served as on the boards of many entities, including Pacific Fisheries Management Council (PFMC), National Sea Grant Review Panel, and other state and local entities.